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Organic prickly pear SEED FLOUR

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Ficurinia prickly pear seeds flour is a gluten-free flour with excellent nutritional properties and is produced exclusively from organic Sicilian PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) prickly pear seeds from Etna.
The defatted seeds contain on average 4.5% of proteins, 4% of lipids and 15.5% of fibers. The flour contains a high amount of iron and magnesium, potassium, phosphorus and calcium (calcium with 1,200 milligrams per kilogram, potassium with 533 milligrams per kilogram, magnesium with 117 milligrams per kilogram and phosphorus with 1,627 milligrams per kilogram).


Thanks to a high “link point with the oil” (which means the prickly pear seed flour “sticks” very well with the oil), the prickly pear flour is ideal, as well as for bread-making, for the preparation of meats, salami and desserts. The proteins present in the flour, thanks to their high emulsifying and foaming properties, are also excellent as dressings for salads, sausages, soups, semifreddo and cakes.


Prickly pear seeds flour can be used as a complementary ingredient for the production of biscuits and gluten-free products.


In the cosmetic field, thanks to the rich presence of essential fatty acids, sterols and vitamin E, the prickly pear seeds flour, produced in the version with greater grain size, can be used as an exfoliating, anti-aging and antioxidant product.


Ingredients: 100% organic PDO prickly pear seed of Etna.


Applications: food, cosmetics and cosmeceuticals, supplements and nutraceuticals.

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