Project Description

Organic prickly pear PULP

Ficurinia prickly pear pulp is produced exclusively from organic Sicilian PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) prickly pears from Etna. It is naturally rich in amino acids (including Taurine and Proline which are predominant), with beneficial effects on the heart, retina, central nervous system and hormonal system.

In addition to the high presence of minerals such as magnesium and calcium, the prickly pear pulp is rich in vitamin C.

Ficurinia prickly pear pulp also has hypoglycaemic and beneficial properties against metabolic disorders and has beneficial effects against sunburn.

Multiple applications in the field of energy drinks and other functional drinks (smoothies, yogurt, tropical cocktails, fruit drinks).

In addition to being an excellent product for the preparation of sorbets, creams, ice creams, slushes, jams and other confectionery products, the Ficurinia prickly pear pulp is used in the field of nutraceuticals and food supplements.

Ingredients: 100% organic PDO prickly pear from Etna.

Applications: food, beverage, supplements and nutraceutical.