Project Description

Organic prickly pear PUREE

Ficurinia prickly pear puree is produced exclusively from organic Sicilian PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) prickly pears from Etna.

Naturally rich in amino acids (Taurine and Proline are predominant) it has beneficial effects on the heart, retina, central nervous system and hormonal system.

In addition to the high presence of minerals such as magnesium and calcium, Ficurinia puree is rich in vitamin C; it also contains polyphenols and bioactive compounds, pectins and natural mucilages which give the product antioxidants, prebiotic, hypoglycaemic, antimicrobial and gastro protective properties.

There are many applications in the field of functional nutrition, nutraceuticals and food supplements. Ficurinia prickly pear puree is indicated for the production of homogenised products, slimming bars and natural energy bars.

Ingredients: 100% organic PDO prickly pear from Etna.

Applications: food, supplements and nutraceuticals.