Project Description

Organic prickly pear JUICE

Ficurinia juice is produced using only organic Sicilian PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) prickly pear from Etna.

Ficurinia processing methods and company research have made it possible to obtain a highly antioxidant juice, so much so that it has been classified by the University of Catania as “super food”.

Ficurinia juice is rich in polyphenols and bioactive compounds, pigments (betaxanthin and betacianina), pectins, natural mucilages, taurine (naturally contained in the fruit), vitamin C and antioxidant constituents.

The following properties are highlighted: high antioxidant, prebiotic, hypoglycemic, slimming, gastroprotective, nervous system stimulant, anti microbial properties, it participates in the synthesis of bile acids facilitating the control of cholesterol.

Ficurinia juice can be used in the production of juices, liqueurs, beer, as an ingredient for the production of yogurt and prickly pear desserts as well as as a natural flavoring in drinks and foods such as vinegar.

In the fresh meat and cured meat industry, juice is an excellent flavoring ingredient that can be used for the preparation of gourmet dishes.

Thanks to its beneficial properties, Ficurinia juice is also used in the field of food supplements and nutraceuticals.

Ingredients: 100% organic prickly pear juice from Etna.

Applicationsfoodbeverage, meat and salami, supplements and nutraceutical.