Project Description

Organic prickly pear DRIED FRUIT

Ficurinia prickly pear dried fruit is produced from organic Sicilian PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) prickly pears from Etna by means of a particular processing and drying procedure developed by the company.

The adopted drying procedures allow to preserve all the beneficial qualities of the “fresh” fruit which are transferred to its dried version.

The high content of vitamin C and flavonoids makes the dried Ficurinia fruit a product with a high antioxidant benefits.

Ficurinia prickly pear dried fruit is widely used in the infusion and herbal tea industry as well as in the field of nutraceuticals and natural supplements.

Ingredients: 100% dried PDO prickly pear fruit from Etna.

Applications: infusions and herbal teas, supplements and nutraceuticals.