Ficurinia prickly pear pulp and juice are used for the production of juices, ice cream, yogurt, granitas, jams and other gluten-free confectionery products.

Ficurinia prickly pear seeds flour rich in iron and protein can be used as a complementary ingredient for the production of biscuits and gluten-free products.

Ficurinia prickly pear salt is an excellent food seasoning capable of enhancing the taste and presentation of the dishes. Excellent for example its use in fish dishes.

Ficurinia puree Ficurinia rich in aminoacids is used in the production of homogenised products, slimming bars and natural energy bars.

The pulp, juice, seed flour, salt and Ficurinia puree are gluten free products.

Cosmetics and Cosmeceuticals

The prickly pear seeds oil protects the skin from free radicals by slowing down aging and its coloring. In addition to being used as anti-wrinkle cosmetic products, Ficurinia oil and serum are excellent soothing, nourishing and refreshing moisturizers for the skin.

Thanks to its antioxidant power, the aqueous concentrate of prickly pear flowers Ficurinia can be used in the production of anti-aging creams and serums.

Products with appropriate granulation, the prickly pear salt and the prickly pear seeds flour, rich in essential fatty acids, sterols and vitamin E, are used in the cosmetic field as a luxury, anti-aging and antioxidant exfoliating product.

The prickly pear seed oil, whey, seed flour, salt and the Ficurinia prickly pear flower concentrate are gluten free products.

Infusions and Teas

Ficurinia prickly pear flowers and dried fruit can be used (alone or as an ingredient in innovative recipes) in the production of teas in sachets as well as as a bulk product for the production of infusions.

Ficurinia flowers and dried fruit are gluten free products.


Ficurinia prickly pear juice di fico d’india can be used for the production of prickly pear liqueurs and rosoli, prickly pear beer as well as a natural flavoring for herbal teas and alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

Ficurinia prickly pear pulp is used in the production of fruit juices, energy drinks and functional drinks.

Ficurinia prickly pear juice and pulp are gluten free products.

Food supplements and Nutraceuticals

Thanks to the high antioxidant and probiotic properties, to the high content of vitamins, proteins and essential fatty acids, the pulp, puree, juice, flowers, salt, oil, dried fruit and Ficurinia prickly pear seeds flour are widely used in the nutraceutical industry, for the production of nutraceutical juices, energy bars, biscuits, pasta etc. and food supplements also in liquid formulations, in tablets or capsules.

The pulp, puree, juice, flowers, salt, oil, dried fruit and Ficurinia prickly pear seeds flour are gluten free products.

Meats and cured meat

Ficurinia prickly pear juice and salt are used in the meat industry (fresh and cooked minced) and cured meats (seasoned and cooked).

They can be used to flavor and cured meats as well as, in the case of salt, as an ingredient in salting processes (for example raw hams).

Both are excellent ingredients for the preparation of gourmet meat and fish dishes.

Studies and tests carried out by the University of Catania in the field of food science and technology also show that our prickly pear juice can extend the shelf-life of meat by more than double the time compared to the conservation methods currently used and is successful to inhibit the oxidation of the hemoglobin present in the blood of the meat ensuring its natural red color and thus avoiding the use of nitrites and nitrates.