Flakes of blasted-chilled syrup of prickly pears

Without color additives or preservatives
Only fruit and sugar. Organic version also available

Flakes of blasted-chilled pulp

100% pulp of Organic prickly pears
the ‘’ready to use’’ version for bars and restaurants is also available; created by adding prickly pear concentrate to the pulp

Organic prickly pear seed oil

The most powerful anti-wrinkle remedy in the world
cold pressed. Used in both food and cosmetics

Organic prickly pear flowers

Available in three variants:
dried, with syrup, candied


Flakes of blasted-chilled pulp

Excellent for the preparation of cremolate, juices, creams, ice creams, sorbetti and granite
The flakes format allows a precise dosage by avoiding waste.
As a ‘’ready to use’’ version designed for bars and restaurants, the thin flakes (created adding prickly pear concentrate to the pulp) can be transformed in a few seconds without being defrosted, into granite ready to be eaten using a simple blender or mixer. Anche in porzioni monodose. The variant with Sicilian aromatic herbs, lemons, Malvasia, or chocolates flakes, enables the creation of Sicilians granite and cremolate that offer refined and distinctive tastes.

Flakes of blasted-chilled syrup

To be used for the production of beverages and liqueurs.
Ideal as a syrup for the preparation of seltz drinks.
Used by pâtissiers for the preparation of variegati, cremolate, creams, ice-creams, toppings, liqueurs, yogurts, etc.

The flakes format allows a precise dosage by avoiding waste.
The concentrate of prickly pears is high in mucilage content – famous since antiquity for its health & wellbeing benefits. Mucilages are natural glycoproteins that are found in linseed and cactus plants, such as the Aloe.


Our passion for the prickly pear plant & its wellbeing benefits was the inspiration from which stemmed our company Ficurinia.
Our prickly pear plants are Organic. They grow and ripen under the warm sun of Sicily on untreated lands in soil that has unique mineral characteristics. So sweet and tasty that they are named ” the candies’’.
Picked during the early hours of the morning, the prickly pears are transported directly to our laboratories. Here they are seeded, peeled and transformed into pulp and concentrate. Once the seeds have been separated, the pulp is reduced to puree, then immediately cooled and frozen in the form of flakes and stored in plastic containers.
The seeds are used to produce the prickly pear oil.
Our prickly pears are selected and matured, always fresh in order to offer you the highest quality. Our products are ideal for the preparation of:
marbled ice cream, ice cream toppings, liqueurs, creams, granite, sorbets, drinks, preserves, jams, etc.
For the preparation of Sicilian cremolate and granite, the use of our prickly pear concentrate instead of sugar heightens the intensity of the flavor as well as adding mucilages (natural glycoproteins found in linseed and cactus plants such as Aloe, famous since antiquity for their health & wellbeing benefits).
Our pulp retains its color intact, even after fabrication and cooling.
The color of our syrup varies from an intense orange to rich fuchsia.

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